For decades it is every hunters dream to hunt under the blue sky of Africa, experience the wilderness of the bush and savannah.
Uwe Trümper (Professional Hunter & Bow Hunter) will happily share his many years of experience, the passion for the African Bush and the respect he has for the game that roams it.
Not only is the hunting experience and quality trophies of great importance, but a strong emphasis are put on the ethical hunt.
Our 10 000ha farm is not fenced and here we hunt free ranging plains game on a classical walk and stalk safari.
We welcome non-hunting observers to join us on the hunts.
Besides the conventional hunt, we specialize in the bow hunt.

General Information
The trophy hunting season stretches from 1st February to 30th November.
Trophy hunting is allowed from half an hour before sunrise until half an hour after sunset.
Bring your own weapon, but please remember to bring the necessary documentation as well. Namibia requires a weapon import permit, which is issued on arrival at the Windhoek International Airport.

No solid point cartridge is allowed to be used on antelope or any other species.
100 rounds of ammunition are allowed per weapon, that you are carrying with you.
The ammunition should be packed with your normal luggage, whilst the weapon must be handed in separately in a lockable case.
Please insure your weapon accordingly.
On request we can supply you with a rifle on a daily rate, plus ammunition. 

Black powder guns are allowed in Namibia, but you are not allowed to carry the black powder or the percussion caps. These items are available here in Namibia.
Bow hunting is allowed in Namibia and you are allowed to bring your own equipment. No permit is required.
Bow energy is specified as follows:
Small Game -25 ft/lb
Medium Game -40 ft/lb
Large Game -65 ft/lb.
Prohibited Weapons: 
• All handguns
• All automatic or semi-automatic weapons
• All crossbows

Khaki safari clothes are advisable; strong cotton material in dark colors (green/brown), as well as light-weight boots.
Light-colored khaki is not advisable. Camouflaged clothes are only allowed whilst on the hunt. 
From May until August it can be freezing at dawn and dusk with cold nights, therefore we recommend you bring a pullover or fleece jacket and windbreaker, as well as a pair of gloves. 

Other important things to pack:
• adequate sunscreen, 
• binocular (min 8x30)
• wide brimmed hat
• camera with sufficient batteries and/or charger
• Lip balm
• Sun glasses

Recommend Insurance:
• Personal travel insurance
• Medical insurance